Aramaic and Hebrew Inscriptions from Mt. Gerizim and Samaria by Jan Dusek

By Jan Dusek

The topic of the booklet stands at the intersection of epigraphy and historic examine: the Aramaic and Hebrew inscriptions came upon within the region of the Yahwistic sanctuary on Mt. Gerizim and their ancient heritage. The examine addresses the facts from 3 views: the paleography and relationship of the inscriptions; the id of the group who carved them and its associations; and, eventually, the bigger historic and political context during which the inscriptions have been produced. This ebook is very valuable for historians of Palestine within the moment Temple interval, for biblical students, and for these facing Aramaic and Hebrew paleography and epigraphy.

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B. Available palaeographical evidence indicates that the script of some Aramaic cursive inscriptions from Mt. Gerizim may be dated approximately to the first half of the nd century bce. The cursive Aramaic inscriptions on Mt. Gerizim were probably carved in the first half of the nd century bce. . ) Our analysis of the Aramaic monumental script of the inscriptions from Mt. 68 One of the main features of the monumental style of the Aramaic script is that there is no difference between the initial, middle and final forms of the letters.

Naveh, , p. . A. Livingstone—B. Spaie—M. Ibrahim—M. Kamal—S. Taimani, . M. Cross, , pp.  and . K. Beyer—A. Livingstone, , especially pp. –. S. Abdal-Rahman al-Theeb, , pp. – and p. . A. Lemaire, , p. . . M. Sznycer, . J. Teixidor, b. J. Naveh, . É. Puech, , pp. –. P. L. Gatier, . scripts of the inscriptions from mt. gerizim  Figure : Aramaic monumental script from Mt. Gerizim and the inscriptions from the Persian period Mt.

In inscription no. , the kaf takes on a cursive aspect. Lamed – There is no difference between initial, middle and final form of lamed. The lamed in most cases consists of a vertical longer and horizontal shorter lines joined – in a right angle. – In some cases the lamed has a small tail on the right side of the horizontal line. This form is common with the Aramaic cursive inscriptions. – Inscriptions no.  and  contain both forms of lamed. – In inscription no. , the lamed does not exhibit a right angle.

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