Apple Pro Training Series: Xsan Quick-Reference Guide by Adam Green, Matthew Geller

By Adam Green, Matthew Geller

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In this example, assume that the metadata and journaling pool is located on a separate Xserve RAID. Choose Fill as the Allocation Strategy for the Volume when using the slicing method. For tips on correlating LUNs to RAID slices, please refer to Lesson 8. Raid Admin Utility Raid Admin utility lets you set up and configure your Xserve RAID units. com. Once it is installed, you will be able to connect to your RAID via an Ethernet connection. Each controller on the RAID has one Ethernet port. It is necessary to connect to only one of the controllers in order to configure and set up your RAID.

5 TB LUN that comprises the drives on the right side of the Xserve RAID (controlled by the lower controller) has also been sliced into two LUNs (LUN3, LUN4). It is recommended to slice the available storage into as few slices as possible. When creating pools in Xsan Admin, you would create two pools in this example. • Pool 1: LUN1 + LUN3. These slices have a LUN ID of 0, or slice 0. These outer slices are slightly faster than the inner slices, so this pool is faster than pool 2. • Pool 2: LUN2 + LUN4.

Press the button to light the next light in the bottom row, moving from right to left. Press the button again to change lights. 4. When the light for the action you want is on, press the system identifier button for at least two seconds, until all lights in the top row are on. 5. Release the button. Setting Up Your Server with Server Assistant Assuming that Mac OS X Server has been properly installed on your server, you will use Server Assistant to configure your headless Xserve G5. You can use an Xsan client or your MacBook Pro to configure your server.

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