Ap As in Cap (Word Families Set 1) by Mary Elizabeth Salzmann

By Mary Elizabeth Salzmann

Introduces, briefly textual content and illustrations, using the letter blend "ap" in such phrases as "cap," "trap," "map," and "wrap."

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Ap As in Cap (Word Families Set 1)

Introduces, in short textual content and illustrations, using the letter mixture "ap" in such phrases as "cap," "trap," "map," and "wrap. "

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106 Empirical observation is yet another important feature of his thought. In many of his writings, particularly Hujjat Alldh al-Bdlighah, we find him often having recourse to empirical arguments to establish a contention. 107 This empirical dimension of his thought afforded him a perception of reality that was at once more comprehensive and profound 32 Religio-Philosophical Thought than that of a great many of his predecessors. We would sum up this survey of the sources of Shah Wali Allah's thought by pointing to the three important elements which constitute, according to MaulBnB 'Ubayd Allah S i n a i , the main components of his thought: First of all, he logically arranged in his mind all information acquired from the classical sources, initially through learning as a student, and later through instruction and independent pursuit of studies.

The effort to reconcile the rational with the traditional, so conspicuous in FBrabi, is also evident, and in fact seems to have reached its culmination, in Shiih Wali Alliih. The idea of integrating the institution of prophethood with cultural developments in human society was first initiated by Farabi. This idea found its mature expression in Shah Qrali Allah's Hujjat Allah al-Bdlighah. "Fiiriibi is characteristically concise and precise. '~~ his ideas. His aphorisms are pregnant with profound ~ i ~ n i f i c a n c e " The same can safely be said about Shah Wali Allah.

1 101/1690), is also worthy of mention. He was an eminent mystic and logician. His thought was also oriented in the approaches of tradition and reason at the same time. Further, his ideas were developed, under the overpowering influence of his intellectual progenitor Jalal al-Din Dawwani (d. 928/1522), whose celebrated work, Akhldq-i Jaldli, is an epoch-making contribution to the philosophy of e t h k g 7 Among the distinctive features of Shah 'Abd al-Rahim's thought was his strong emphasis on what he called hiknzat-i 'amali (practical wisdom).

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