Ancient Israel: v.1: Myths and Legends (Myths & legends) by Angelo S. Rappoport

By Angelo S. Rappoport

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Thus it is interesting to notice that, in a poem dating from the year 1557, Hans Sachs" relates the following story. The Creator had taken a rib from Adam, intending to shape woman out of it. He put it aside and was busy removing the blood from His hands, when a dog, passing by, caught up the rib and ran off with it. An angel caught the dog by his tail and tore it off. Out of the dog's tail the Lord made woman, long­ haired, and beautiful of figure. Woman possesses now two qualities which are due to her dog-tail origin.

Woman possesses now two qualities which are due to her dog-tail origin. Like the dog, who wags his tail when he is anxious to get something, woman flatters and caresses man when she wishes to get something 1 H. Gunter, � ehri1tlich• Lqmdt tk1 AUmdlarules, Heidelbere, 1910. 1 See Zunz. Gotltldimstlitht Vortrqt, p. 1 JJ. ' See Gaster, Gemuznio, Vol. XXV, pp. z74-84. 1 Fabtln und Sclruulnkt, ed. Gotze, I, szz, No. 18z; see also Daehnhardt, lot. , pp. 19"20. , hcnvever, Zeiuthri/t /ilr WT61. , Vol.

The myth makers of post-exilic Judaism were, however, not satisfied with one Heaven and imagined seven, placing the seat of the Creator in the seventh or the highest. But this abode, the seventh Heaven, is only the preferred and favourite dwelling place of the God of Jewish myth. the whole universe. 3 Frequently, the God of Jewish myth leaves this abode in Heaven and descends upon earth to pay a visit to His creatures. Herein, however, Jewish myth once more differs considerably from the myths of other nations.

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