Ancient Indian Cosmogony: Essays Selected and Introduced by by Franciscus Bernardus Jacobus Kuiper

By Franciscus Bernardus Jacobus Kuiper

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5). This is the general picture that can be derived from the scattered allusions. For further details the reader may be referred to the manuals. The facts n~entionedallow some general conclusions. 26 also AthS. " Now, three and seven are both numbers which e question arises, if there is sufficient reason for assurni explanation for the numbcr three. , VS. 25; , TS. 1, TB. 6; cf. , and see also AthB. 1 l ) , and it remains doubtful, if much weight should be laid on these ritualistic specuiatioas.

Saptd. 2 Y R e l z g i m ~des T'eda, p. 229 f . 5. Other facts corroborate the inference that Vis~u'sstrides are not connected with any natural phenomenon. 4) do not suggest that the poet had the trZm1 lok& of the later Veda in mind. " For these reasons one can hardly evade the conclusion that in the Rigveda Visnu has no particular connections with the sun. I t is possible that the sun, when in the zenith, was associated with Visnu just as the rising sun was a manifestation of Mitra and the setting sun one of Varuna (AthS.

P. 159,. 75: the golden wheel as representing the jar of the underworld). T o interpret the wheel as the sun, seems mythologically impossible to me. 39 A striking confirmation of this is found in Indonesian traditions (Bosch, p. 246). S. If. Agni's)fixed rules,grows (with thesejas with the twigs," (vayB iviinu roha~e)may perhaps be considered a literary expression of that notion, which Bosch was the first to recognize on the reliefs of Bharhut and Sanchi. 41 Cf. Bosch, p. 157, whose explanation seems hardly acceptable to me.

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