An Introduction to Comparative Legal Models of Criminal by Cliff Roberson

By Cliff Roberson

Whereas in Plato's time there can have been a few fact to his trust that there can simply be one unmarried justice, and one unmarried legislations, such isn't the case at the present time. felony justice structures fluctuate generally the world over of their ways to the matter of crime. This e-book offers the topic country's criminal version to a very good volume determines the nature of its police and corrections in addition to its felony approach. It Read more...


reading forms of legal justice structures and the felony versions that form them, this paintings makes use of examples to focus on 5 easy criminal beginning versions: continental, universal legislation, Islamic, Read more...

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The law has two main tenets, equality and good faith. According to Opolot (1980, p. 82), Islamic law is the most victim-centered system in criminal justice history. Its criminal justice system focuses on both the victim and the offender, not only during the trial but also after conviction. Socialist Model The socialist model of law was first developed in Russia after the communist seizure of power in 1917 and imposed throughout the Soviet Union in the 1920s. After World War II, the Soviet legal model also was imposed on Soviet-dominated regimes in eastern and central Europe.

The Magna Carta is an undramatic document. It is filled with problems of feudal law and custom that are largely alien to modern English people. However, it is remarkable in many ways. For instance, it was not written purely in the baronial interest but aimed to provide protection for all freemen. It was an attempt to provide guarantees against the sort of arbitrary disregard of feudal rights that three previous kings had made familiar. Some clauses derived from concessions already offered by the king in efforts to divide the opposition.

All crimes ought therefore to be estimated merely according to the mischiefs which they produce in civil society: and, of consequence, private vices, or the breach of mere absolute duties, which man is bound to perform considered only as an individual, are not, cannot be, the object of any municipal law; any farther than as by their evil example, or other pernicious effects, they may prejudice the community, and thereby become a species of public crimes. Thus the vice of drunkenness, if committed privately and alone, is beyond the knowledge and of course beyond the reach of human tribunals: but if committed publicly, in the face of the world, its evil example makes it liable to temporal censures.

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