Algebraic and Analytic Methods in Representation Theory by Bent Orsted

By Bent Orsted

This publication is a compilation of a number of works from well-recognized figures within the box of illustration idea. The presentation of the subject is exclusive in supplying a number of diverse issues of view, which may still makethe publication very worthwhile to scholars and specialists alike. offers numerous assorted issues of view on key issues in illustration thought, from the world over identified specialists within the box

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Again, an easy induction gives that ~ o is surjective for all E. Hence, ~ o is an isomorphism. Standard degree shift arguments show that so are all ~ , i >_ 0. 5 Let A, # E X ( T ) +. , ExtlG(H°(p)*, H°(A)) = 0 for all A,# E X ( T ) +. Proof: Suppose first that A ~ -w0(#). 4. , we have found a retraction H ° (A) --+ E of the given embedding. If A < - w 0 ( # ) , we dualize the sequence and repeat the previous argument. [] Combining Serre duality and the Borel-Weil-Bott theorem, we obtain the following classical result.

From. afifine Lie algebras, J. Amer. Math. Soc. 6 (1993), 905-947, 949-1011:7 (1994), 335-381,383-453. [Kel] G. Kempf, Linear systems on homogeneous spaces, Ann. of Math. (2), 103 (1976), 557-591. [Ke2] ~ , Representations of algebraic groups in prime characteristics, Ann. Sci. Ecole Norm. Sup. 14 (1981), 61-74. [Lull G. Lusztig, Finite dimensional Hopf algebras arising from quantized universal enveloping algebras, J. Amer. Math. Soc. 3 (1990). 257-296. [Lu2] ~ , Introduction to quantum groups, Progress in Mathematics, BirkhSuser, 1993.

7 Determine ch Lq()~), A C X +. Now Lusztig has conjectured that if 1 - p _> h (h denoting the Coxeter number of R), then ch Lq()~) - ch L(A) for all A e Xp(T). 1) This conjecture has recently been proved ([AJS]) for p >> 0. 7 to a similar problem for affine Lie algebras. 7 is also solved (although there still seems to be some problem if (aij) is not symmetric) for all 1. 7. We conclude this section with a few remarks on injective modules for Uq. Set Stz = L q ( ( l - 1)p) (We are again in the situation where q E C is a n / t h root of 1.

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