Albion and Jerusalem: The Anglo-Jewish Community in the by Michael Clark

By Michael Clark

Lionel de Rothschild's hard-fought access into Parliament in 1858 marked the emancipation of Jews in Britain--the symbolic end of Jews' crusade for equivalent rights and their inclusion as voters after centuries of discrimination. Jewish lifestyles entered a brand new section: the post-emancipation period. yet what did this suggest for the Jewish group and their interactions with wider society? and the way did Britain's country and society react to its most recent electorate? Emancipation used to be ambiguous. attractiveness carried expectancies, in addition to possibilities. Integrating into British society required adjustments to standard Jewish identification, simply because it additionally widened conceptions of Britishness. Many Jews willingly embraced their surroundings and shaped a special Jewish life: blending in all degrees of society; experiencing monetary good fortune; and establishing and translating its religion alongside Anglican grounds. even though, not like many different ecu Jews, Anglo-Jews stayed unswerving to their religion. Conversion and outmarriage remained infrequent, and connections have been maintained with overseas family members. The group was once even prepared every now and then to put its Jewish and English identification in clash, as occurred through the 1876-8 jap Crisis--which provoked the 1st episode of recent antisemitism in Britain. the character of Jewish lifestyles in Britain used to be uncertain and constructing within the post-emancipation period. Focusing upon inter-linked case stories of Anglo-Jewry's political job, inner executive, and non secular improvement, Michael Clark explores the dilemmas of identification and inter-faith kinfolk that faced the minority in overdue nineteenth-century Britain. This was once an important interval during which the Anglo-Jewish group formed the root of its smooth life, while the British nation explored the bounds of its toleration.

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For all their potential consonance, the uptake of English attitudes and opinions frequently entailed loss and modification of traditional Jewish ones. This occasioned a significant decline in various aspects of the community’s Jewishness, such as Diasporic connections, Hebrew culture, and religious commitment. Post-emancipation, there were, this study illustrates, numerous restrictions operating upon British Jews’ self-expression. Also, it concludes that the success of Anglo-Jewish integration was distinctly limited.

Feldman, Englishmen and Jews: Social Politics and Political Culture, 1840–1914 (London, 1994), 53. The code included many stipulations designed to increase decorum and piety in the service, such as: exclusion of children under 4, limit on recitation of monetary offerings, and loud responses being forbidden. ⁵² J. Picciotto, Sketches of Anglo-Jewish History (London, 1975), 293; S. Levin, ‘Origins of the Jews’ Free School’, TJHSE 19 (1955–9), 97: University of Southampton Library, MS 153, Photocopy of Report of the Jews’ Free School, May 1860, 8, 10.

1829, 2. ⁴⁵ Two Letters, in Answer to the Objections Urged against Mr. Grant’s Bill for the Relief of the Jews (London, 1830), 11. ⁴⁶ D. Cesarani, The Jewish Chronicle and Anglo-Jewry, 1841–1991 (Cambridge, 1994), 15. Joseph Mitchell, the then proprietor of the JC, was the leading force behind the Association’s creation. ⁴⁷ Katz, The Jews, 323. ⁴⁸ Alderman, Modern British Jewry, 52, 63. ⁵⁰ The emancipation campaign was a long-drawn out affair. Beneath all the rhetoric and fuss, Anglo-Jews had to live their lives as their future definition was debated around them.

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