Agent-Centered Morality: An Aristotelian Alternative to by George W. Harris

By George W. Harris

What varieties of folks will we aspire to be, and the way do our aspirations healthy with our rules of rationality? In Agent-Centered Morality, George Harris argues that almost all people aspire to a definite type of integrity: we want to be respectful of and sympathetic to others, and to be loving mom and dad, acquaintances, and participants of our groups. opposed to a triumphing Kantian consensus, Harris deals an Aristotelian view of the issues offered by means of useful cause, difficulties of integrating all our issues right into a coherent, significant existence in a manner that preserves our integrity. the duty of fixing those difficulties is "the integration test."Systematically addressing the paintings of significant Kantian thinkers, Harris exhibits that even the main complicated modern models of the Kantian view fail to combine the entire values that correspond to what we name an ethical lifestyles. by means of demonstrating how the which means of lifestyles and useful cause are internally similar, he constructs from Aristotle's proposal a conceptual scheme that effectively integrates the entire features that make a lifestyles significant, with out jeopardizing where of any. Harris's elucidation of this process is an immense contribution to debates on human supplier, sensible cause, and morality.

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19] Whether moral theory is independent of psychology and social science is another matter, one that we will come to later. The third feature of a constructivist model is a conception of what justifies moral principles. Not only does reflective equilibrium explain our moral sentiments by revealing how they structure our judgments; the principles yielded by the decision model that achieves reflective equilibrium are justified by that very fact. The reason they are justified is that they are the rational result of our deepest moral sentiments and values.

Philosophy involves hard, detailed work. 6. The result, then, is that I accept Allison's requirement for an argument for the conception of rational agency employed here and explicated in general in the remainder of part 1. The test is the one implied in Herman's arguments for the CI procedure. If Kantians believe that this is not the appropriate test, they must give us philosophical reasons for rejecting the integration test as the appropriate test and then provide the appropriate test with an argument for it.

It is to advance a claim that a certain kind of consideration has psychological pull. To advance a conception of practical reason, then, is to advance a claim about the functional capacities of a certain psychology. [13] To conceptualize the issue of rational agency in such a way [13] . Finally, there is a possible coherence problem with such a denial for an internalist, especially for Korsgaard. According to her, intuitionism is a version of externalism, and "intuitionists do not believe in practical reason" ("Skepticism about Practical Reason," 10).

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