Accelerated VB 2008 (Accelerated) by Guy Fouché, Trey Nash

By Guy Fouché, Trey Nash

Speeded up VB 9.0 is the quickest route to VB mastery. All VB programmers want to know and know the way VB fairly works yet only a few books deal with this. None disguise it within the intensity that this does. It teaches either center VB language recommendations and the way to take advantage of them in high-performance code. All programmers relocating to VB from any language or relocating as much as VB 9.0 from VB 2005 will locate this e-book worth paying for, studying, and utilizing as a reference.

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The command var = CType("123", Integer) attempts to convert "123" even though it’s a string, and this statement succeeds because VB will implicitly cast "123" to an Integer. But the command var = DirectCast("123", Integer) will fail because the compiler won’t try any implicit conversions and attempts to directly convert a string to an Integer. It’s recommended to use DirectCast when you know a reference type conversion will work and you need the extra performance benefit. Another difference between CType and DirectCast is that you can only use DirectCast on types that have an inheritance relationship.

When a class inherits from an interface, it is required to implement the methods of that interface. A class can implement as many interfaces as it wants by listing them in the interface list of the class definition. In general terms, an interface’s syntax closely resembles that of a class. However, each member is implicitly Public. Interfaces can only contain instance methods; therefore, you can’t include any Shared methods in the definition. Interfaces don’t include an implementation; interfaces don’t contain any internal code, so they are semantically abstract in nature.

Next statement iterates based on a known number of times or a number derived from a count of something, Do While and Do Until execute statements until a certain condition is either true or false. Here’s the basic Do syntax: Do While | Until condition statements Exit Do Loop The Do While executes the statements while the defined condition is True. On the other hand, Do Until executes the statements until the defined condition is True. Do loops are useful when you don’t know the number of times you’ll need to execute a statement.

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