Abhidharmakosabhasyam. Vol. III ( IV Volumen Set) by L. De LA Vallee Poussin

By L. De LA Vallee Poussin

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The Bhadanta Dharmatrata defends bhavanyathatva, that is, he affirms that the three time periods, past, present, and future, are differenciated by their non-identity of existence (bhdva). When a dharma goes from one time period to another its nature is not modified, but its existence is. l0a) is modified, but not its color. An example which shows difference in qualities: milk becomes whey; its taste, force, and digestibility change, but not its color.

60 The esteeming of morality and ascetic practices is to hold as a cause of purification that which is not such: the pure dharmas are really purification, so one cannot have a false conception of purity (suddhigrdha), with regard to them. The esteeming of bad views is to hold as excellent that which is vile: now the pure dharmas are what are best, so one cannot have a false conception of excellence (agragraha), with regard to them. )? 17. 62 From the point of view of the object, the universal anusayas (v.

I am less good;" 4. "Another is better than I;" 5. "He is equal to me;" 6. "He is worse than I;" 7. "Another is not better than I;" 8. "He is not my equal;" and 9. " Which of the seven types of pride make up these nine types? lOa-b. Three make nine types. These nine types come from three mdnas, namely mdna, adhimdna and unamdna. The first three are the three mdnas which reside in the erroneous view of self. " Then there arises in order adhimdna, man a, and unamdna. One has a type of mana 786 Chapter Five which consists of saying, "I am better," adhimdna which resides in erroneous views, and the rest.

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