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By Frank Lloyd Wright

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They are temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate. Vocal folds: Twin folds of mucous membrane stretched across the larynx. They are also known as vocal cords. Wasting: Loss of lean muscle tissue. Werner syndrome: A genetic disease characterized by accelerated aging. UXL Encyclopedia of Diseases and Disorders lxi Words to Know Wheal: A suddenly formed flat-topped swelling of the skin; a welt. Wheezing: A continuous harsh whistling sound produced by the air- ways of an asthma patient when the air passages are partly blocked.

Modern pewter is no longer made with lead. Phacoemulsification: A technique for removing cataracts by breaking up the lens of the eye with ultrasound waves and removing the pieces of the lens by suction. Pharyngitis: The medical term for sore throat. Phenylalanine: The amino acid that cannot be used by the bodies of people with phenylketonuria. Philadelphia chromosome: A genetic abnormality in chromosome 9 associated with CML. Its name comes from the location of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, where it was discovered in 1960.

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