A Synopsis of Ophthalmology by J. L. C. Martin-Doyle (Auth.)

By J. L. C. Martin-Doyle (Auth.)

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T h i s group acts as parasympathetic stimulants, thus causing miosis. T h e y act in one o f t w o w a y s : — a. —These drugs stimulate the myoneural junctions t h e r e b y increasing the effect o f acetylcholine. T h e characteristic e x a m p l e o f this t y p e is pilocarpine. I t s action is not v e r y long—about three hours. b. —These drugs neutralize the e n z y m e Cholinesterase which limits the action o f acetylcholine. Eserine is the most used drug in this group. I t is v e r y powerful in action and can cause spasm o f accommodation.

T h i s is the name g i v e n t o a characteristic t y p e o f ulcer which tends t o spread across the cornea in a serpiginous manner. I t is always due t o the pneumococcus and is accompanied b y a marked iritis and usually a h y p o p y o n . T h e r e is great pain and marked ciliary injection. I t s advancing edge is crescentic in shape and i t tends t o progress across the cornea, increasing b o t h in area and depth. Perforation is a v e r y c o m m o n occurrence. T R E A T M E N T . — A s for h y p o p y o n , w i t h special emphasis on carbolization o f the ulcer.

Care must be taken t o ensure complete r e m o v a l or a recurrence is inevitable. CONJUNCTIVAL CYSTS E x c e p t for small cysts due t o dilatation o f l y m p h space, conjunctival cysts are v e r y rare in E n g l a n d . I m p l a n t a t i o n cysts can occur following injuries, and v e r y rarely cysticerci or hydatids m a y be seen. TUMOURS OF CONJUNCTIVA INNOCENT TUMOURS 1. D e r m o i d s . — T h e s e usually occur at the junction o f the cornea and sclera and b o t h these structures m a y be i n v o l v e d .

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