A Short History of the United States NAavy by G. Clark, et al.,

By G. Clark, et al.,

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The United 26 States Navy Whatever the motives in sending him to Europe may have been, Jones started at once to prepare his ship for his long cruise. The selection of the commissioned and warrant officers of the Ranger was entrusted to a com mittee of three men William Whipple, the New Hamp member of the Marine Committee, John Langdon, Continental agent at Portsmouth, and John Paul Jones, the new commander of the vessel. This illustrates one of shire the various ways by which selections of this kind were made surely not a bad way, inasmuch as it gave the man who was to command the vessel a voice in the choos The ing of the men who were to serve under him.

Constellation, This point, later, gave rise to a question of seniority between these two and Captain Truxtun, because at the time it was not clear whether Talbot and Dale had been retired or merely put on furlough. According to the terms of the above treaty, as we have seen, the difficulties with Algiers were settled by the payment of a large annual tribute and a cash payment at the time of nearly a million dollars. The last item alone would Have been sufficient to build and equip three 44-gun which could have gone far toward protecting our shipping, and might even have blockaded Algiers, and forced a peace on terms of honor.

Crews, that, rammers into the opponent s ports to load their pieces, and Pearson tells us that the muzzles of the guns touched the sides of the ship. the to the During this part of the American vessel by the more powerful 18-pounders of the enemy was terrible. Says Jones: "The rudder was entirely cut off the stern frame, and the transoms were almost wholly cut away. The timbers of the lower deck especially, from the main mast to the stern, being greatly decayed with age, were fight, enemy s damage done mangled beyond any power of description.

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