A History of Indian Literature - Vol. II: Epic and Sanskrit by Jan Gonda

By Jan Gonda

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Even contradicting one another". It is self-evident that sometimes a version is clearer than a parallel text (cf. JS. : LT. ). g. SS. 6, 167-179: LT. 40,91-93; JS. 15, 110-130: LT. ; S. , p. 248, n. 3; 4. The Pancaratra Samhitas: introduction, name, chronology, geography 41 propitiate God (samdrddhana). 13 Some information on the length of the main samhitas will be given in one of the following sections,14 but it is worth recalling that according to the Pauskara-Samhita 15 any work of the Pancaratra school extending to 12000 granihas (slokas) can be called a samhitd.

KUMARAPPA, The Hindu conception of the deity, London 1934, p. D. , p. 43. JAISWAL, 44 F o r o t h e r guesses (the five Vrsni heroes, viz. SamkarsaNa e t c . a n d S a m b a ; or " t h e five seasons of t h e y e a r " ) see J A I S W A L , O . D . , p . 42ff. B. II, p. 195. Stamped as 'tell-tale references' by RAGHAVAN, op. , p. 75. According to AnS. 2,12: the Pancaratra system is the fifth Veda; cf. &esa-S. 1, 4. Or it includes all that is set forth in the puranas and four philosophical systems (Utsavasamgraha, III, p.

G. ParS. 20, 5; 62; 22, 69. See also SCHRADER, I. , p. 2. 40 J. D. 9 There are no doubt many works still surviving in libraries yet to be identified with at least some of the titles occurring in the lists. Part of these treatises are called after the sages who received the revelations, others after disciples who dispersed the teachings, others again after some aspect of the deity. Basing ourselves on the average numbers of stanzas in the printed texts the sum total of all samhitds extant must be over a million slokas.

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